Models: Kendra Kulych and Joseph Theriault

Make-up: Jen Green

Photography: Dan Bushnell

Art Direction/Graphic Design: Sarah Gallagher and Dan Bushnell


In 1980’s Leo Zulueta and Don Ed Hardy start the publication “Tattootime”, the first issue of which was titled “New Tribalism” and featured a large, abstract black tattoo the melded Polynesian and Japanese influnces, and started a genre. Tribal didn’t explode until the early ’90s but was born in the ’80s. This is no doubt related to the increase of people getting tattooed for spiritual reasons. This is the decade in which nose jobs and breast enhancements become accessible to the masses, and tattoos are another way of taking ownership of one’s body, style and looks. The birth of MTV brings a new visual component to the rebel aesthetic.

The 1980s straddles the traditional and modern worlds. Though still rooted in the underground, and even still illegal in some places like New York, the ’80s is the decade where tattooing enters its post-modern stage. No one style can be attributed to the ’80s, instead it is an explosion of styles, pulled from all directions: the circus, the art world, anthropology. Conventions, magazines and other mass media, bring tattooing firmly into the mainstream consciousness.


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