Q: Will it hurt?

A: Yes. That’s part of the deal. Still with us? OK. There are some things that make a difference in comfort levels, like placement, size of the tattoo, how detailed the tattoo is, and how you are feeling that day. People’s experiences range from finding it annoying to finding it uncomfortable. It is similar to having an itch you can’t scratch if you fixate on it it will bother you, if you ignore it it goes away. If you are anxious about discomfort, you should bring a friend, your iPod with your favourite music, some chocolate, a book or whatever relaxes you. We’ve found the process most difficult in the first ten minutes, then your body’s endorphins will kick in and help you cope. Just think: the pain will last maybe an hour but the tattoo will last forever.

Q: What is the cheapest tattoo I can get?

A: You can find our rates here. Our rates are very competitive and calculated. The reason we have a minimum rate, even for small tattoos, is because the artist invests nearly the same amount in supplies no matter the size of tattoo. Take advantage of your free consultation and custom design. Instead of going home with “whatever”, you can have something you love forever.

Q: I find little black flakes in my clothes or coming off my tattoo when I put on the cream – what is going on?

A: Your tattoo is healing as it should. Your body has formed a scab and as a natural part of the healing process, some of the dead skin is falling off. This new scab, of course, has ink in it! Just keep following the aftercare instructions, especially using moisturizer, and it will be fine. This flaky stage usually starts on the second or third day and should only last a couple of days.

Q: I just got a tattoo and I’m going on vacation in a week. Can I sit in the sun [go in the hot tub, swim in the ocean, etc.]?

A: Two weeks is usually safe to do everything you did before the tattoo. Do not put sunscreen on a fresh tattoo; avoid the sun or cover it with clothing. Never soak a fresh tattoo. Refer to the aftercare instructions for more information.

Q: Where does the name “Molotov and Bricks” come from?

A: It is a reference to using the tools available to you, and the power to resist oppression no matter how poor you are. The Molotov Cocktail was conceived in response to Molotov’s “bread baskets” – cluster bombs being dropped on starving Finns. Plus, it is inspired by one of our favourite rap songs. That, you’ll have to ask about in person.